7.5 Best Paid Online Jobs for Teenagers in 2023

The job market is changing, and traditional jobs are being replaced by online jobs. The data strongly shows that online jobs are booming. While some people might think that the online space is oversaturated with competition, teenagers have a distinct advantage. They understand the online world better than anyone else; it’s just second nature to them.

The Advantage of Teenagers in the Online World

Teenagers have grown up in a world where technology has been a part of their daily lives. They are more familiar with social media platforms, online tools, and communication methods than any other age group. As a result, they have a distinct advantage in the online world.

In this article, we will reveal the 7.5 best paid online jobs for teenagers, with real-life examples of teenagers currently killing it in these jobs.

7.5 Best Paid Online Jobs for Teenagers in 2023

Job 1: Advertising Deal Broker

Teenagers who do this job can earn as much as a hundred to a hundred and twenty thousand dollars per year. Christian, a teenager, secured a sponsorship deal with a brand, which would have earned him a sweet nine thousand dollars for essentially matching the brand with the customer.

Christian’s strategy is to use different software to get the email addresses of influencers and fire off messages until he gets a response. Once he starts working with one big company, it becomes a lot easier to reference them as a past client and demonstrate experience in the areas that the brand requires.

Job 2: Discord Community Manager for Web 3

A Discord Community Manager for web 3 can earn more than $70,000 per year depending on their multitasking ability. The role of a community manager is to be on the front line and to tell the story of the brand.

They provide customer service and support, build a community around a product, and connect with people. A real-life example of a successful community manager is Harry, who hires community managers and is willing to pay more than $2,000 per week for a good candidate.

Job 3: Script Writer for Content Creators

Script writers for content creators can earn upwards of $100,000 or more per year, depending on their experience and the type of content they create. They provide the words that can make a brand sound smart or not, depending on how they are deployed.

A good script writer understands the value of their work and makes connections with clients who can afford to pay premium prices. A real-life example of a successful script writer is Adam, who writes for large influencers and offers exclusive and high-quality services.

Job 4: SAS Software Coder

Teens can earn between $60,000 and $80,000 a year as an SAS Software Coder. The online tools that people use daily have become a big part of their life, and once the app is built, it’s almost entirely profit.

A good SAS Software Coder understands the importance of solving an issue that affects many people in a better way than what’s currently available. A real-life example of a successful SAS software coder is Sam King, who built a tool called Flick, which helps people and businesses manage their social media accounts.

Job 5: Content Redistribution Editor

They can make 120 to a hundred and fifty thousand dollars per year. The idea is to take existing videos and remix them for YouTubers that want to post short-form content. It’s like recycling in the digital age.

Job 6: Website Developer

In today’s business world, a website is the front door of a company. For this reason, businesses want to make their website as stylish and functional as possible. As a website developer, you can earn an average annual salary of around 80 to 150 thousand dollars per year.

Chris is a website developer who lives in Italy. He decided to niche down into the e-learning space and focus on building marketing funnels. Chris knows that if he can keep his clients on a monthly retainer, he can earn passive income by doing small tweaks here and there.

Chris’s strategy is to start a subscription business with recurring revenue. He believes that the best job is one that requires very little maintenance. If you can keep clients on a retainer, you’ll have a steady stream of income coming in each month.

Chris’s passive income allows him to live almost anywhere in the world. He often travels to cheap countries like Thailand, where he can live on less than a thousand dollars a month. Chris doesn’t focus on earning as much money as possible. He believes that the point of making money is to buy yourself freedom.

Job 7: Twitter Manager

Twitter is the hottest social media platform right now, especially since Elon Musk’s takeover. As a Twitter manager, teenagers can earn around 60 to 80 thousand dollars per year.

Sean, a college dropout, used to waste a lot of his time trolling on Twitter until he asked himself, “What if I could actually make a job out of this?” He decided to become a Twitter expert and spent a lot of time studying the content put out by some of the best creators.

According to Sean, two of the best ways to gain popularity on Twitter are to create threads and host spaces. To do this effectively, you need to be able to capture people’s attention with as few words as possible and hook them in. It takes a lot of practice to develop this skill, but it is a very valuable one to learn.

Sean takes on multiple clients at the same time and, like Chris, keeps them on a retainer. This way, he has a steady stream of income each month.

Job 7.5: Executive Assistant

An executive assistant is a bonus because it can become more than just an online job. These teams can make 90 to 110 thousand dollars per year. As an executive assistant, you’ll be doing everything from scheduling appointments to making small decisions every day.

Gabe from Nelk is a great example of an executive assistant who does so much for the team that he has become indispensable. If you make yourself totally indispensable, no one will ever get rid of you.

One great perk of this job is potentially traveling around with influencers and seeing all sorts of cool and amazing places. Gabe understood the power of connections, just like Christian. In today’s digital world, it seems like anything is possible.

All you need to do is think about something you can offer, some kind of value to the world. Then, send emails, reach out, and make sure everyone knows what you do.

Start Today With These Paid Online Jobs for Teenagers in 2023

Artificial intelligence is going to be a big money maker for teens in the future. If you want to learn how to use AI to get rich, then check out our video on AI and wealth creation. But, don’t click on it just yet! Make sure to subscribe if you want to grow your wealth.

Teenagers can make a lot of money online if they know where to look. The seven and a half jobs listed in this article are just a few of the many opportunities out there. With the right skills, connections, and work ethic, anyone can make a successful career online.

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