Six Fast Ways To Keep More Cash In Your Pocket Every Month

We all know that feeling when we open our wallet at the end of the month and find that it’s a lot lighter than it was when the month started. Where did all of our money go? If you’re looking for ways to keep more cash in your pocket every month, look no further. Here are six fast and easy ways to make sure you have more money at the end of the month than you did at the beginning.

1. Organize a car-pool and consolidate errands

If you live close to friends or family, organize a car-pool so that you can consolidate errands and save on gas. You can also save time by running all of your errands in one trip instead of making several trips throughout the week.

2. Reduce your energy bills by adjusting the thermostat

You can save money on your energy bills by making a few simple adjustments to your thermostat. In the winter, set the temperature a few degrees lower than you normally would and in the summer, set it a few degrees higher. You might be surprised how much money you can save simply by making this small change.

3. Give cable a second look

Cable is a luxury that many of us don’t want to live without but it doesn’t come cheap. If you’re looking to save some money, take a close look at your cable bill and see if there are any channels that you can do without. You may be able to save quite a bit of money by cutting out just a few channels that you don’t really watch anyway.

4. Take the time to clip coupons

Clipping coupons may seem like a lot of work but it can really pay off in the long run. You may not think that you’re saving much money by using coupons but over time, those savings can really add up. So next time you’re flipping through the weekly circular, take a few minutes to clip some coupons and see how much money you can save at your next grocery store trip.

5. Opt for cash over convenience

It’s so easy to use our debit and credit cards these days that we often don’t even think twice about it. But every time we swipe our card, we’re paying convenience fees that add up over time. If you’re trying to save money, opt for cash instead of using your card whenever possible. You’ll be surprised how much those convenience fees can add up over time.

6. Don’t dine out and save left-overs

Eating out is convenient but it’s also expensive. If you’re looking to save some money, cook at home instead and save left-overs for future meals. Not only will you save money on your food bill, but you’ll also have more healthy options available to you when you cook at home.

Saving money doesn’t have to be difficult; there are plenty of easy ways to make sure you have more cash in your pocket at the end of the month than you did at the beginning. By following these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to financial freedom in no time!

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